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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  August 4, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a judge struck down the ban on gay marriage in california.
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that case could end up in the supreme court. >> sarah palin chooses a candidate in the maryland governor's race. >> veteran officers said they have never seen anything like this. good evening. >> we begin tonight with the arrest of a vandal who is accused of spraying anti-semitic graffiti all over a local synagogue. he grew up in a jewish family. jackie benson is at police headquarters with details. jackie? >> reporter: news 4 learned the suspect has an unexpected background. 22-year-old ian jacob barron under arrest for desecrating a synagogue and is the son of jewish parent who is adopted him from central america as an infant and raised him as a jew. until recently he lived blocks from the synagogue. on july 26th, police responded to find a disheartening scene. aspect semitic graffiti on the
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exterior wall, retaping wall, light posts and parking lot. loose change was scattered in a possible anti-semitic act. on a nearby residential street, more graffiti. on the same street where he grew up. >> good police work by the officer who is were familiar with that particular stuff and talked with him and able to determine he was in fact responsible. >> court documents indicated he now identifies himself as a neonazy and has a tattoo of a german cross with a skull on his arm and ss bars on his chest. he has an assault charge. a spokes person read a statement reacting to news. >> we are relieved the police apprehended a suspect and charged him with various crimes relating to the destruction of our building. we'll continue to work closely to see that matters reach a conclusion within the justice system.
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>> barron's parents are said to be def stated, but made no public statement. the suspect remains jailed on a $5,000 bond. back to you. >> thank you, jackie. >> line of strong storms pushed through the area this evening. veronica johnson has more on that. >> some areas got a lot of rain and some hardly got anything at all. we take you back to 6:00, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. when the line was the strongest. right there at 8:00 when it came through and it started falling apart. not much left at all. there was wind damage reports west of the area. down through shenandoah county. there is another cluster in ohio that's going to be diving southeast ward. on top of that, more storms tomorrow afternoon in a heat advisory too. jim? >> the family is in shock after their pet was shot and killed by an off duty officer at a dog park.
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the dog was a husky named bear bear and playing at quail run dog park in southern maryland on monday night. bear bear ran up to another dog that was on a leash. the other dog's owner ordered the person handling bear bear to get the dog away, then he pulled out a gun and shot the dog, we are told. the officer has a different story. he said bear bear attacked his dog and tried to bite him and the shooting was in self defense. >> the specific information not known initially that is not known, there will be grounds for bringing charges. >> he's a monster and i feel like he should have his rights to a weapon taken a wachl. >> he works at ft. myer in arlington. an intern with national public radio was attacked today on a street cornner chinatown. there was an altercation between the victim and another woman at
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about 9:30 outside a bank at seventh and i northwest. the woman pulled out a knife and stabbed the victim and tried to run away. she was stopped by a witness who held her until the cops showed up. police are trying to figure out what provoked that attack. >> a federal judge overturned california's ban on gay marriage today and in so doing, may set up the supreme court to level a decision on same-sex marriages nationwide. both sides are reactioning to today's landmark ruling. noelle walker reports. >> reporter: gay marriage supporters held their collective breaths for two years and today a collective and joyous sigh of relief. from san francisco's castro district to the streets of west hollywood, the iconic homes of the gay rights movement celebrated the court ruling that struck down the voter passed proposition 8. >> we have other battles ahead of us, but with this decision,
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carefully analyzing evidence, we are well on our way towards an ultimate victory. >> reporter: at the heard of judge von walker's ruling, is the narrow definition of marriage as a union between a man and woman only, a violation of gay and lesbian couple who is want to marry? the judge said it is. >> our family is just as loving, just as real, and just as valid as everyone else's. >> let the court appeals begin. in a move that seemed to show they were prepared for defeat, prop 8 supporters filed a motion to continue the ban on same-sex marriages pending appeal of the ruling. >> the judge dealt a terrible blow to natural marriage. >> reporter: that didn't stop this couple from heading to city hall for a marriage license they can't get, yet. >> i now pronounce you united. >> reporter: a ceremony many
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like this hope to make official. noelle walker, nbc news. sarah palin chose a candidate in the mayor's race. she endorsed republican brian murphy today on her facebook page. palin calls murphy a common sense conservative and believer in the free market. the pick may come to a blow to the other republican candidates. a poll indicated they are in a close race. >> still ahead at 11:00, calls for help from a beer distributorship. >> this guy is shooting at him. >> one day after the worst workplace shooting in connecticut, new clues about how it happened. >> local officer unbelieving when a vehicle backed up over his patrol car. >> a free health clinic helps people just in time. >> the nationals getting a late start out in phoenix. a couple of heavy weights and big names weighing in on the
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albert haynes worth situation. he finally talks -- sort of. we will have the
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911 call recordings painted a chilling scene in connecticut when a worker suddenly opened fire yesterday and killed eight people before turning the gun on himself. two others were shot and sur survived. one managed to call for help. >> you are shot where? >> in the head. there people running all over the place. i can see him running out. he's run ag warks and shooting at somebody else. he's shooting at a girl. >> omar thornton had been fired for stealing beer from the company as he was escorted out. he picked up the lunch box which had guns in it and started shooting. >> the official overseeing what they are calling operation
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static kill. it gave bp the go ahead to pump cement into the well in the gulf. the plan is to pump cement down from pipes attached to ships a mile above the sea. that could seal the leaking well for good. for eight hours today, engineers successfully forced the oil down with mud. that led president obama to say the environmental disaster finally is coming to an end. the governors along the gulf coast said bp and the federal government must remain focused on the long-term impact of that disaster. police in montgomery county released video of a high speed chase that happened on july 22nd. it started by the summit hills apartments and the officer thought it would end on the one-lane bridge that crosses talbot avenue, but he reversed on to the hood of the police cruiser.
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>> i think my daughter popped in my head for the first thing. >> did you think you were going to die? >> i didn't know i never had anyone back over me. >> the officer had cuts from the broken glass and was not seriously injured. the suv was stolen in an armed carjacking. >> coming up, a crime alert at a beach nearby after a series of muggings near the boardwalk. >> 1200 people converged to get care at a free
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>> a free health clinic served 1200 people from all walks of life and made their way to the d.c. convention center. not everybody was allowed in. we have the report. >> reporter: jim, you know for a
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time the convention center was the city's largest free clinic, but not full of people looking for a handout. most of the people worked or have until recently worked. they can't afford health care and said something about the state of things with more than 1,000 people on hand, still more than they could handle. by afternoon, they had seen over 1,000 people and they had to stop taking walk ins. humans were turned away. >> because the need is so great, it was more than we could accommodate. we were afraid it would happen. >> people came from across the area. about 80% worked and still find affordable health care beyond their reach. each those working in the industry. >> i know having everything done. >> for a happenndful of people not a moment too soon. >> people that need pretty immediate attention and there have been a few that we sent to the emergency department. >> the need was not as acute and
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just as important. they don't have health insurance. >> one guy said the insurance was like $1400 a month. it's pretty bad. >> i lost my job and a lot of people are in that predicament. a lot of people may have been skeptical about coming because you see free and you have a tendency to back off and you think i'm getting something free. what is my circumstances. life has a hand it gives you and you have to play it. >> that's why more than 1,000 doctors, nurses, social workers and students do it. >> we go home tired, but smiling with a good feeling. >> now, they saw the last patient about 10 or 15 machines ago and even the people that didn't get seen were dismissed. they were put in touch with resources that could help them. the folk who is organized the clinic will be gone and they will be in new orleans next. they notice the problems that
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they leave behind will remain. live at the convention center, back to you. >> thanks. >> 40 billionaires made an extraordinary pledge to give away half their wealth. warren buffett and bill gates donated half of their assets to charity and philanthropy. george lucas, michael bloomberg and media mogul ted turner were among the 40 who said they will sign the pledge. i like that. >> yeah. that's a big deal. >> uh-huh. >> stormy weather tonight and didn't see much of it where i was. i guess we had it elsewhere. >> i line that fell apart. we will see two more clusters that fell apart and it will be early. for the afternoon tomorrow. we have a lot going on on top of that. a reminder of how awfully hot and unrelenting the samer has been. we are looking at more high heat
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for tomorrow. take a look at today where we had lightning with the storms that moved through. this line came through our area between 7:30 and about 8:30. it fell apart. a little bit of lightning in areas that did get good rain. 90 for the high today. yesterday we ended that stretch when we were in the 80s and the first time we got a chance to do that since mid-june. it's 80 right now with a heat index of 83 degrees. the dew points have come down with the storms moving through. forecast for tomorrow, we will have a few lingering showers around the area and a thundershower or two around 4:00 or 5:00. 10:00 a.m. around 88. we will get into the highs early on tomorrow. showers and storms between 2:00 and 8:00 p.m. with the front finally making its way through. a little bit of a watch in virginia and through ohio and areas of western virginia because we are looking at
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another cluster of storms following the upper level winds and diving southeast ward and entering areas of western ohio. for us, what we will get is more showers and thundershowers during the overnight. there is the one line moving through. marion, columbus, cincinnati and ohio. that i'm expecting to come in between 2:00 and 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. picking up 4/10 of an inch and 75 the temperature there. the highest wind gusts to 40 miles per hour. look at the rain. you got rain, but had a viewer who said i didn't get anything at all. hopefully tomorrow you will. montgomery county with the temperature at this time 72. here's the upper level winds that i spoke of. more storms in indiana and ohio making their way eastward with the low pressure system. you get the idea. it's around the rim of very high temperatures with this heat has been intense and deadly and
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unrelenting. mississippi valley, tennessee valley is where the core of the heat has been. it will be there again tomorrow. excessive heat warnings and for us, up the coast to new york this time under an advisory as the indecks tomorrow approaches 105. here's a look at futurecast. the storms will be moving through. i wanted to show you the huge area across the northeast that has the potential to get high winds and hail tomorrow. up in the philadelphia and new york city and down south to richmond area. forecast for the morning, 73 to 79 degrees. could be looking at showers and maybe lingering thunder. it's definitely going to be overcast and humid and warm to start. for the afternoon, 93 to 97. again between 2:00 and 8:00 p.m., the second wave where the storms could be the strongest. friday the high is 93. on friday i'm expecting a new air mass that will feel better. the high is 90 and should be fine for red skins fan
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appreciation day on saturday. that is a mighty big deal. >> if you didn't like today, you won't like tomorrow either. thanks. still ahead, a 50-yard put, a 77-year-old woman, and $10,000. >> in sports, some special [ male announcer ] this rock has never stood still.
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>> we don't miss these. it's unbelievable. even when the guests come, we have to talk about dlmg them. albert haynesworth didn't take the test because of a sore knee meaning he didn't practice.
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he did individual work after the morning ha and they stop to talk to fans. not reporters. take a look. >> the item -- >> how are you feeling? >> as my fans were here. >> he is amazing. >> we didn't have them in 13 years because of this man right here. we know who does it. i do my research. >> how is your knee. >> the hot topic of conversation and it was one of the first things with two high profile visitors to camp. broadcasting legend who sees this from a posting perspective. >> i have a lot of respect for mike shanahan. as a coach, you have strong feelings and strong beliefs and
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you have to stick with them. mike is that kind of guy. i don't know the other side of it. >> i had a chance to talk to him briefly after the team meeting and he wants to get out. >> he wants to make sure he's performing as a redskin and i hope he can do that quickly. >> you have run a conditioning camp? >> oh, yes. does that surprise you? >> when did he take a conditioning camp? seriously? >> he might be able to do that. >> when did you take 1 1234. >> i never claimed to be in that condition. dallas mavericks owner mark cuban and former star nolan ryan in a bidding war to buy the texas ranger who is filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy and they are calk auctioned off to the
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highest bidder. cuban has the upper hand in the ongoing auction that is going on all night. the nat his a late start this arizona. adam dunn on the waiver wires. he is dangled as trade bait and he said dangle this. is it fair? he is talking to it and so does the dugout. puts the nationals on top early. dunn again and this is cream sickle as well. his 28th home run of the season. how about this? 850 feet of home runs and we are only in the fifth. the nationals are up 4-1. meanwhile, alex rodriguez finally hits home run number 600 in the bronx for the first time in 46 at bats. a-rod goes straight away center field and it's gone.
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at 35 years old, rodriguez is the youngest man to hit 600 home runs. babe ruth at 36 years old. there only seven members of the 600 club. not as big as it used to be. a-rod will likely pass sammy sosa later this season. they go on to beat toronto 5-1. a couple of years ago this would have been the lead story. now it's the end of the sportscast. >> she so grad. >> it took him forever. >> coming up next, day two of the bus fare
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we use satellite images, infrared and thermal photography to map and target the oil. then, the boats go to work. almost 6,000 vessels. these are thousands of local shrimp and fishing boats organized into task forces and strike teams. plus, specialized skimmers from around the world. we've skimmed over 27 million gallons of oil/water mixture and removed millions more with other methods. we've set out more than 8 million feet of boom to protect the shoreline. i grew up on the gulf coast and i love these waters. we can't keep all the oil from coming ashore, but i'm gonna do everything i can to stop it, and we'll be here as long as it takes to clean up the gulf.
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an area get away known for beaches and boardwalk issued a crime alert. visitors are told to be aware following five attacks against folks in their 50s, 60s, and 70s out alone after dark. the first attack by a group of teens happened in mid-july. the most recent is monday night. a 58-year-old woman was hit in the head and robbed. she is expected to be okay as are the other victims, but police are increasing patrols. >> people who ride metro and use smart trip cars are running into problems much the computer system is taking longer to read the cards. this evening the issues were mainly limited to the shady grove station on the red line
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and the huntington station on the yellow line. some card holders are having trouble loading monoto them. crews are working to fix the problem, but they don't know how long it's going to take.
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>>. >> a woman in utah has extra cash in her pocket because of a long put as part of a local tv
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contest. every week since march, the tv station and the golf course have teamed up. they give one person $10,000 if they can make a 50-foot put. norma clark did it. she is 77 years old now and still can get air. norma is the only person to make the put so far. she said she is going to use the money to fix up her house. >> that are must have been the guy from the tv station yelling. go norma. >> tonight show is next. >> see you tomorrow.


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